Simply Theresa

Media and Public Relations

Through the years there have been literally hundreds of media reports about the work Theresa Sparks has down in the areas of civil rights, basic human rights, public safety and the business community. For a complete list, search for Theresa Sparks on Google or Yahoo.

Recently, both the San Francisco Magazine (Nov 2009 edition) and the San Francisco Weekly (Ocotber 19, 2009) published in-depth profiles of Theresa. Links to these two fascinating articles immediately follow:


In addition, in Novmber 2007, Theresa was interviewed at the San Francisco Commonwealth Club about her amazing life and her journey as a transgender woman. It's a fascinating peak into the many accomplishments, heartbreaking struggles and ultimate survival of this interesting San Francisco public figure.


Also, in March 2009, Christine Marie, host of SFLive Community Focus interviewed Theresa on local access public television.




Browsing for Theresa Sparks on Google or searching her name in Wikipedia will produce tens of thousands of articles, videos and commentaries on this iconic San Francisco figure. Below find a sampling of articles published about Theresa over the last several years.

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