Simply Theresa

Business Life

Open Enterprises, Inc.;   San Francisco, CA                                                             

2001 - 2008

President and Chief Executive Officer

  • President, CEO and CFO of thirty year-old, women-owned and employee-owned retail organization, with online sales and brick and mortar stores in San Francisco, Berkeley and Boston.

  • Restructured organization from worker-owned cooperative to “values-based” corporate structure to institutionalize mission, vision and values upon which company was initially founded and to allow the company to normalize capital structure, recruit outside Board members and solicit new debt or equity.

  • Oversaw development of new brand and market identity and expansion of brick and mortar retail operations.

  • Developed exit strategy and negotiated acquisition resulting in unprecedented financial gain for shareholders. 

Chief Financial Officer

  • Directed complete re-structuring of accounting, cash flow management, financial reporting and treasury functions for multi-million dollar retail worker-owned cooperative. Provided “go-live” oversight of new ecommerce, inventory management, fulfillment, POS and accounting software. Instituted stringent cash management controls, including staff reductions, to sustain company after 30% reduction in sales immediately following September 11, 2001. Served as financial advisor to Board of Directors.
Sparks Associates Consulting;   San Francisco, CA      1997 – 1998


  • Business consultant retained by Fortune 200 Corporation, to advise on organizational integration, strategic development and global expansion of multi-million dollar acquisition.     
Greenfield Environmental;   San Diego, CA 1989 ‑ 1996

President and Chief Executive Officer

  • Directed start-up and growth of one of the largest privately-held environmental services corporations in U.S. with field services, processing, recycling and RCRA Part B disposal facilities in CA, AZ, NV and UT.

  • Responsible for facilities, field operations, waste transportation, industrial waste and illegal meth lab clean-up, brown-field site de-contamination, clean-up of contamination in San Diego Bay and R & D laboratories.   Developed new technology for recycling of used paint, aerosol cans and propane cylinders for use as alternative fuels and municipal sewage sludge for composting and use as industrial fertilizer.  

  • Created exit strategy and negotiated acquisition resulting in significant financial gain for shareholders.

Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

  • Responsible for day-to-day operations, regulatory oversight, legislative, government and media relations, strategic planning and shareholder communications.  Provided management oversight of development project to permit, construct and operate new RCRA Part B hazardous waste disposal facility in Mojave Desert.

Ass’t to the Chairman & Director of Special Projects   (parent BKK Corporation);   West Covina, CA

  • Advised Chairman of BKK Corporation on business development, legislative initiatives, public health & safety, affirmative action and organizational issues impacting community and public policy..


Evergreen Holdings Inc.;   Newark, CA 1981 ‑ 1988

President and Chief Operating Officer                                                                                                         

  • Directed the start-up of, and built, the Evergreen Group of companies into the largest privately-held used oil, collections, antifreeze and wastewater recycling organization in the western U.S. with four subsidiaries and multiple facilities in California and Nevada.  Utilized technology which produced premium recycled lubricating oils and alternative fuels without generating any waste by-product.

Division President   (parent KTI BV);   Irvine, CA and Zoetemeer, The Netherlands                                                          

  • Managed the start-up and growth of Evergreen Oil and Environmental Services, and KTI’s international recycling technology marketing division.  Served on the International Council of Directors for KTI.
Resource Technology Inc;   Kansas City, Kansas 1977 - 1980

President and Founder

  • Founded start-up to develop and introduce new recycling technology worldwide resulting in designing and managing construction of facilities in Europe, the Far East and the United States.